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10 Best Non-Dairy Creamer Options For Your Coffee in 2023


Looking for the best non-dairy creamer for your morning coffee, latte, or cappuccino? Here are 10 popular brands you should try!

The best non-dairy creamer tastes smooth and creamy. It should complement the richness of your coffee’s flavor. Whether you’re lactose-intolerant, vegan, or you just want to be intentional about your health, a non-dairy creamer can help you reach your goals.  

After researching the best options on the market for taste, health properties, texture, and overall popularity, we present our best non-dairy creamer: Chobani Oat Extra Creamy. Out of the 10 brands we studied, this oat milk coffee creamer gets a high rating from us and thousands of coffee drinkers, as well!

Chobani’s Extra Creamy oat milk for coffee is completely vegan, with no milk, nuts, preservatives, or artificial flavors. It is extra smooth and creamy and doesn’t have the watery taste of many other non-dairy creamer brands.

While Chobani is a great option, we also have nine other delicious non-dairy coffee creamers to try. These include no-sugar options for diabetics, keto-friendly choices, and superfood non-dairy creamers to give your health and brain an extra boost. 

Take a look at our 10 best non-dairy creamer choices and decide which one is best for you.

Our 10 Top Picks For the Best Non-dairy Creamers

  1. Best overall: Chobani Oat Extra Creamy
  2. Best flavored creamer pods: Nestle Coffee Mate French Vanilla Flavoured Non-Dairy Creamer
  3. Best non-dairy heavy cream substitute: Let’s Do…Organic Heavy Coconut Cream
  4. Best half-and-half substitute: Califia Farms Unsweetened Better Half, Half and Half
  5. Best superfood creamer: Shroom Junkie Original Mushroom Powered Plant Milk
  6. Best non-dairy creamer for specialty drinks: Milkadamia Macadamia Unsweetened Barista Milk
  7. Best almond creamer: Nutpods Coffee Cake Unsweetened Dairy-Free Creamer
  8. Best for vegans: Sproud Dairy-Free Barista Milk
  9. Best powdered creamer: Micro Ingredients Organic Coconut Milk Powder
  10. Best soy creamer: Silk Shelf-Stable Organic Unsweetened Soy Milk

10 Best Non-Dairy Creamer Choices in 2023

There are plenty of non-dairy creamers available on the market. However, deciding which ones have the best nutrition and taste can be difficult. We’ve done the research, so you don’t have to! 

Check out our ten best non-dairy creamer picks below.

Best overall

1 Chobani Oat Extra Creamy


Chobani Oat Extra Creamy is our top pick for its low-key taste and creamy texture. It doesn’t overpower your coffee’s delicate notes with an oaty flavor. Nor does it become chalky or gummy when heated.

Oat milk is well-known for its ability to froth almost as well as true dairy. Therefore, this creamer can be a better option than most to make cold foam for your iced coffee. You can also drink Chobani Oat Extra-Creamy as-is, use it in smoothies, or pour it over cereal.



Best flavored creamer

2 Nestle Coffee-Mate French Vanilla Flavored Non-Dairy Creamer


Nestle Coffee Mate French Vanilla Creamer may not be considered a health food. However, it is still a healthier option than many sugar-laden Starbucks drinks.

This Nestle creamer is a lactose-free, low-sugar, low-cholesterol option that your tastebuds will love. The Nestle Coffee-Mate creamer comes in pre-portioned pods, which makes counting calories simple and accurate.

You can store Coffee-Mate liquid creamer at room temperature in your pantry or take a few creamer pods with you to-go. This delicious French Vanilla flavored creamer is a true treat in a cup.



Best non-dairy heavy cream substitute

3 Let's Do...Organic Heavy Coconut Cream


Finding a plant-based creamer as creamy as heavy cream is not an easy task. However, we dug deep and found Let’s Do…Organic Heavy Coconut Cream. This cream has an amazingly thick texture to turn the average cup of Joe into a luxurious experience. You can also follow Let’s Do…Organic’s simple instructions to create a vegan whipped cream topping. Yum!

This heavy coconut cream adds a touch of natural sweetness and flavor to your cuppa. The ingredients are just Organic Coconut and filtered water, so you don’t have to feel guilty about this tasty addition to your coffee.



Best half-and-half substitute

4 Califia Farms Unsweetened Better Half, Half and Half


If you enjoy adding a splash of sweet cream to your cold brew at Starbucks, you’ll enjoy this non-dairy half-and-half from Califia Farms. This blend between coconut cream and almond milk has no added sugar. However, its coconut-forward flavor gives it a lightly sweet taste.

This half-and-half substitute is creamier than many non-dairy creamers. It makes a nice dessert coffee for an afternoon pick-me-up.



Best superfood creamer

5 Shroom Junkie Original Mushroom Powered Plant Milk


This Shroom Junkie Mushroom-Powered Plant Milk has many of the health benefits of mushrooms; but (thankfully) doesn’t taste like them. Instead, this milk has a super creamy texture and neutral flavor, so it doesn’t overpower your coffee’s flavor notes. It also offers plant-based protein and calcium, which is rare for non-dairy milks.

This milk substitute suffers in flavor and texture when you heat it. Still, it can be a great vegan option when you are in the mood for a cold and creamy coffee drink.



Best non-dairy creamer for specialty drinks

6 Milkadamia Macadamia Unsweetened Barista Milk


You rarely find macadamia nuts as a base for non-dairy milks. However, we don’t know why it hides in the shadows because it is delicious!

This barista milk has a light nutty flavor and creamy texture. You can foam it and create latte art for your espressos. Also, unlike many other brands of barista milk, this Milkadamia milk contains zero grams of sugar.

You may have never tried macadamia nut milk before. However, after tasting Milkadamia’s Macadamia Unsweetened Barista Milk, you will become a believer.



Best almond creamer

7 Nutpods Coffee Cake Unsweetened Dairy-Free Creamer


This Nutpods Coffee Cake Unsweetened Dairy-Free creamer has a delicious flavor without added sugar. It has a light, natural sweetness from combining almonds and coconut. Then flavors of cinnamon and spice add a nice kick to your coffee.

The coconut gives this dairy-free creamer body, while the almond milk ensures the taste is light and refreshing. You can enjoy a cup of this naturally-based flavored dairy-free milk without feeling guilty.



Best for vegans

8 Sproud Dairy-Free Barista Milk


When you think of non-dairy creamers, you generally think of nuts, coconuts, oats, and soy. However, this dairy-free milk is “powered by peas.” Luckily it doesn’t taste like pea soup. Instead, this plant-based barista milk from Sproud has a smooth and creamy texture, with many health properties to recommend it. It’s high in protein and essential amino acids but low in carbs. The taste isn’t bad, either.

If you’re looking for a full-bodied vegan creamer that is full-bodied and steams well (without any funky flavor), this may be your new favorite creamer.



Best Keto powdered creamer

9 Micro Ingredients Organic Coconut Milk Powder


For those on a Keto diet, this Micro Ingredients Organic Coconut Milk Powder can be a simple way to add some nutrition to a morning cup of coffee. This powder is packed with nutrients and easy on the stomach.

Not only can it help your coffee taste better, but it can also help you reach your dieting goals. Unlike other coconut creamers, this powder has a subtle flavor that allows you to pick up more delicate flavor notes in a single-origin coffee.

This organic coconut milk powder from Micro Ingredients can be a creamy treat whether or not you are on a diet.



Best soy creamer

10 Silk Shelf-Stable Organic Unsweetened Soy Milk


If you love the taste of soy drinks at Starbucks stores, you’ll be happy to know that Silk is the brand they use. This shelf-stable soy milk has a great texture and a smooth mouth-feel whether you steam it or add it to iced drinks. I love the nutty flavor of this smooth milk substitute– especially when you add it to iced coffee drinks.

You can create your own Starbucks-style creations at home for a fraction of the cost by using this inexpensive protein-rich Organic Silk Soy Milk.



For more keto-friendly coffee creamer options, check out our review: Best Coffee Creamer for Intermittent Fasting: 7 Options to Perfectly Complement Your Diet 

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right Non-Dairy Creamer for Your Coffee

best non-dairy creamer

Choosing a dairy creamer is relatively simple–do you want high-fat and creamy or a diet-friendly low-fat option? Then choose plain or flavored. 

However, choosing the best non-dairy creamer for your coffee multiplies your options a hundredfold. What kind of plant, nut, or fungus do you want? Do you want a strict vegan option, or will you allow a milk derivative? Do you want to be able to heat and foam the non-dairy creamer? Is your focus health or flavor? 

Here are a few points to consider when you pick your non-dairy coffee creamer.

Vegan VS Non-dairy labels

The non-dairy label does not contain milk, cream, or butter. However, just because the prodcut  “non-dairy” does not necessarily mean that the product is vegan or kosher-friendly. The FDA allows products with the label “non-dairy” to contain milk derivatives, such as caseinates, which may still cause milk-related allergies. 

If you want to keep a strict dairy-free diet, make sure a non-dairy label also mentions that it is vegan or kosher.

Choose between nut, oat, coconut, and soy milk non-dairy creamers

The most common non-dairy creamer options are nut, oat, coconut, or soy-based. While each specific brand has its own specifications, we can lay out a few general tips for type. 

Nut-based creamer

Nut-based creamers often are low in fat, and the nutty flavor can complement natural coffee tastes. However, nut-based creamers can taste watery unless you combine them with other plant-based milk types.

Oat-based creamer

Oat creamer is rich, creamy, and subtle in flavor. It also is one of the best non-dairy options for frothy toppings and specialty drinks. The downside of oat milk is that it often includes more sugar and calories than other non-dairy options. 

Coconut creamer

A coconut-based creamer is one of the healthiest options available. This type of non-dairy creamer can be suitable for many keto, vegan, and diabetic diets. Its texture is creamier than many other plant-based creamers. However, you have to like the taste of coconut as its natural flavor can quickly overpower the taste of your coffee. 

Soy milk creamers

Soy milk creamer can be a light, creamy option for your coffee drinks. You can steam and froth many soy milk brands. 

While soy is a good source of protein for many vegans and vegetarians, many health experts recommend limiting soy products to a few times a week. Soy has some health benefits, but it can also change estrogen levels and damage the thyroid if you consume too much.

Barista milk VS Regular 

A non-dairy barista creamer usually includes the same ingredients as the regular version. However, barista milk may include extra ingredients such as vegetable gum, emulsifiers, and sugars to create a thicker consistency.

The regular version may be the better choice if you are looking for a healthy option. However, if the taste of your coffee is the goal, barista milk tends to be creamier and less watery. Also, barista milk options provide a stable base for steaming and frothing milk for specialty coffee drinks.


Do enjoy adding a little flavor to your coffee? The good news is you can find many popular creamer flavors in non-dairy creamers. Also, some non-dairy options add natural flavor and sweetness to your coffee without any added sugar.


Compared to milk-based products, many non-dairy creamers can be more expensive. Take Starbucks, for example. You can get a dairy product with the price of your drink. However, if you choose a non-dairy milk option, it can up the cost by almost a dollar. However, the extra cost can be worth it to reduce your allergies or reach your health goals.

Our verdict

With so many non-dairy creamers on the market, it can be difficult to decide which is best. Our top choice is Chobani Oat Extra Creamy. This luscious oat milk mixes well into either hot or cold coffee drinks. Also, its flavor allows the taste of your coffee to shine through instead of overpowering it. 

When you choose the best non-dairy creamer for you, consider whether you enjoy strong flavors like coconut and vanilla or prefer the subtler flavors of soy and nut milk. Some of the creamier plant-based milk types are higher in sugar, whereas others may focus less on texture and more on nutrition. 

Also, if you have milk allergies, make sure your creamer label indicates that it is non-dairy and vegan. 

We’ve chosen ten very different plant-based non-dairy creamers, so you have plenty of options. However, each non-dairy creamer should make a delightful addition to your cup of coffee.


Almond milk is usually lower in carbs, calories, and sugar than oat milk. However, almond milk creamers can taste watery while oat creamers often have a fuller body and creamier mouthfeel. If you are trying to control your sugar intake, almond creamers are a better choice. However, oat creamers are often superior in taste and texture.
Non-dairy creamers can be a healthy alternative if you are trying to watch your weight, or are vegan or lactose-intolerant. However, many non-dairy creamers can be high in sugar and calories. Some may even contain milk derivatives. Before you choose a non-dairy creamer make sure to read the label and reviews to make sure it matches your goals.

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