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Meet CoolCoffeeTalk Team

Welcome! My name is Mostafa Sayed and I’m one of those coffee addicts out there. I have always been addicted to coffee – it’s what keeps me awake and motivated to tackle any work I have.

As a Full Stack Web Developer, staying awake and focused is essential to produce high-quality applications, and I have to admit, I can’t do it without coffee! 😅

My love for coffee started in high school when I began experimenting with different recipes, coffee beans, and brewing techniques to make the perfect cup.

For CoolCoffeeTalk, my goal is to provide the most valuable content to be your top resource for everything coffee-related. We’ll cover coffee reviews, how-to articles, brewing techniques, delicious recipes, and anything else we think you’ll find interesting.

I am determined to succeed in this mission and give it my best shot because you deserve the best cup of coffee.

Mostafa Sayed Cool Coffee Talk
Mostafa Sayed | Owner & Coffee Lover
Victoria Monge
Victoria Monge | Writer & Ex-Barista

Victoria’s love for coffee started during her freshman year of university with her first sip. Since then, coffee shops have become her sanctuary away from home, where she can write for hours or connect with friends.

As an avid traveler, Victoria enjoys exploring unique cafes and coffee shops in every city she visits. She transitioned from a consumer to a creator by working as a barista, where she learned everything from the science of preparing espresso to the artistry of building drinks to perfection.

Now, as a writer and researcher at CoolCoffeeTalk, Victoria shares her knowledge and insights with readers. Although she doesn’t have all the answers, she’s always eager to learn and pass on her passion for coffee.

Join us in discovering the beauty of coffee with Victoria’s expertise and contagious enthusiasm!

Alexandra Elise
Former barista, writer, and researcher

Alexandra started her first job as a barista in a coffee shop in Texas and has enjoyed perfecting the art of coffee ever since. In her twenty-year relationship with this tasty beverage, she has experimented with different brew methods, coffee beans, roasts, and syrups.

She can thank endless cups of coffee at her alma mater for helping her complete her bachelor’s in English with honors. After graduating college and working in her profession, she packed her bags to see the world. In her travels, she discovered the rich flavor of European espressos.

As a writer and blogger, Alexandra has had plenty of opportunities to research techniques to achieve that perfect cup of coffee. She loves to share expert advice with fellow coffee lovers while sipping on a warm cortado.