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Keurig K Slim VS K-Mini: The Similarities and Differences


If you are in the market for a quick cup of coffee to start your day on the right foot, a Keurig pod machine can do the trick. When we compare the similarities between the Keurig K Slim VS K-Mini, both compact models can easily fit into tight spaces such as a small kitchen corner, an Air B&B, an RV, a dorm room, or even your deskspace at work. 

These single-serve pod machines can also fit easily into your budget as they are some of the least expensive coffee makers that Keurig has to offer.

While these single-brew pod machines look almost identical and have many similar features, they differ in a few key characteristics. When we compare the Keurig K Slim VS K-Mini in size, flexibility, flavor, and overall value, the Keurig K-Mini is our top pick.

Let’s review some of the best features of these popular single-serve Keurig coffee makers.

Our Pick


Water reservoir capacity

Removable; 46 ounces (4 cups)
Fixed; 12 ounces (1 cup)

Cup size

8, 10, or 12 oz
6-12 ounces

Travel mug friendly

Yes, 7-inch clearance
Yes, 7-inch clearance

Energy-saving feature

Auto-off 5 minutes after last brew
Auto-off 90 seconds after last brew


Plastic; Black, Red, or White
Plastic; 8 color options

Brew style

Multi-stream technology
Fast and fresh brew

Brew time

Approx 30 seconds
Approx 45 seconds

Cord storage



12.1” H x 4.7” W x 15.2” D
12.1"H x 4.5" W x 11.3"D


6.22 lbs
4.60 lbs

Key features of the Keurig K Slim VS K-Mini

The Keurig K Slim and K Mini are similar in size and share many characteristics: a durable plastic casing, an auto-off feature, a compact footprint, and more. Although they are both considered budget-friendly designs, the K Slim comes at a comparatively higher price. 

So, are the extra dollars worth it? 

We’ll point out the subtle differences between these two popular single-serve pod machines and weigh the pros and cons of each. 

Exterior size and design

The Keurig K Slim and K-Mini both measure less than five inches wide and are perfect for compact spaces. However, the K-Mini is a better option if you are looking for a portable coffee maker. 

The K-Mini weighs less than five pounds and has a cord storage option which the K Slim doesn’t have. With the K-Mini, you can choose from several fun colors to make a statement in your kitchen. In contrast, the K Slim only comes in basic black, red, and white.


The K-Mini has an overall better exterior than the K Slim. It is lighter, smaller, and comes in a wider variety of colors. It also has a cord storage option, which the Keurig K Slim doesn’t have.

Water reservoir

A coffee machine’s water reservoir may seem like a minor feature. However, the water tank design is one of the main differences between the Keurig K Slim VS K-Mini. 

The Keurig K Slim has a 46-ounce water tank, which allows you to brew four to five cups of coffee without having to refill the reservoir. When it’s time to refill the machine, you can easily remove the tank and fill it at your sink. Also, the K Slim’s design allows you to add a charcoal water filter for the cleanest-tasting coffee. 

In contrast, the K-Mini has a small 12-ounce water tank. This coffee maker brews until it runs out of water, which means you have to refill the tank for each cup of coffee. Another disadvantage is that you can’t easily remove the water tank to refill it with water. 


The Keurig K Slim’s water tank has an overall better design than the K-Mini. It can hold enough water for four or five cups of coffee and its tank is easily removable when it’s time to refill. The K Slim also allows you to add a charcoal water filter, which is a big perk.

Keurig K Slim VS K-Mini Water Reservoir

Cup sizes

The Keurig K Slim offers three brew sizes: 8 ounces, 10 ounces, and 12 ounces. These pre-set sizes allow you to have a consistent brew each time. 

The K-Mini has one simple brew button and brews as much water as you put in the tank. It can brew six ounces to 12 ounces. The advantage of this model is you have a wider variety of cup sizes you can brew. However, if you want an exact cup size, you need to measure the water before you pour it into the tank.

Both machines can accept travel mugs up to seven inches tall.


The K Slim can brew exact cup sizes and uses only as much water as it needs from the tank. The K-Mini offers more size options. However, it uses all the water in the tank for one brew, and you have to refill it for each use.

Energy-saving features

Both the Keurig K Slim and K-Mini have an automatic shut-off. This safety feature can protect the machine’s motor and save energy. The K Slim shuts down after five minutes of inactivity, while the K-Mini shuts down after a minute and a half. 


The K-Mini shuts down much quicker to save more energy. However, the slower shut-off time of the Keurig K Slim makes it easier for you to brew back-to-back drinks for a crowd.

Brew style and flavor

Keurig K Slim VS K-Mini Brew style and flavor

The K Slim’s biggest claim to fame is that it is equipped with Keurig’s updated brew system: Multistream technology. 

The MultiStream system is similar to the highly-touted “showerhead” type of coffee maker. Instead of brewing using only one stream of hot water, MultiStream technology hits the coffee grounds inside the pod with several streams of water to create an evenly extracted, balanced brew. 

The K-Mini does not have this updated brewing system. However, it can brew a smaller six-ounce cup of coffee, whereas the smallest cup a K Slim can brew is 8 ounces. Since all Keurig cups come in one size, the larger your cup of Keurig coffee is, the weaker it is going to be. 

Although the Keurig Slim may brew a better-tasting cup of coffee in larger sizes, my personal preference leans toward the K-Mini’s shorter, stronger cup 6-ounce cup.

The K Slim also brews in a shorter amount of time than the Mini. If you have a need for speed, this is the better option. However, the slower brew time of the K-Mini allows your coffee grounds more time to bloom and release flavor.


The K Slim has a higher-quality MultiStream brewing system for an evenly extracted cup of coffee. However, the K-Mini is capable of more cup sizes. Its small, 6-ounce size allows you to get a stronger brew, and its longer brew time can add extra flavor to your cup.

Cleaning and maintenance

The Keurig K Slim and the K-Mini have simple designs and are easy to clean after use. You can wipe down the hard plastic exterior. Also, both machines come with removable drip trays that you can rinse at the sink when they become dirty.

To extend the life of your machine, both models will need regular descaling to remove limescale buildup.

The K Slim comes with a simple descale button to run its 15-20 minute cycle. 

To descale the K-Mini, purchase Keurig’s descale solution and add it to the water tank. Run a large cup cycle through the machine, then soak the machine. After all the solution is used in the tank, run a few cycles with water to cleanse the tank.


Both the Keurig K Slim and the K-Mini are relatively easy to clean and maintain. The Keurig Slim comes with a descale setting.

Keurig K Slim VS K-Mini: The Winner

The Keurig K Slim and K Mini both have some great features and many similarities. However, when it comes time to cast my verdict, my first pick is the Keurig K Mini. 

The Keurig K Mini is more compact and lightweight than the K Slim making it travel-friendly. I also love that you can pick a color to make a statement in a kitchen corner. However, the deciding factor for me between these two quick-serve machines comes down to flavor. 

The K Mini is capable of more flexible cup sizes, which means you can make your brew as strong or weak as you desire. I love a strong cup of coffee, so the fact that the K Mini can brew a short and stout six-ounce cup of coffee is a great advantage. 

The K Mini is also much cheaper than the K Slim. With the money you save, you can invest in a reusable K-cup pod so you can cut down on waste and choose the gourmet coffee brands you love.

Which compact Keurig machine is best for you?

The Keurig K Mini is capable of stronger coffee flavors and comes at a more attractive price. However, the Keurig K Slim also has plenty of great qualities to recommend it. So, which single-serve coffee maker is right for you?

Here are a few of the best qualities of the K Slim Vs the K Mini. 

The Keurig K Slim may be for you if…

The Keurig K-Mini may be for you if…

The Keurig K Slim and K-Mini both can pump out a quick cup of coffee at a decent price. 

The K-Mini allows you to brew a shorter, stouter cup of coffee, and you can pick a color to match your personality. However, the K Slim is also an ultra-compact machine that offers high-quality features such as Multi-stream technology and charcoal water filters. 

Now it’s your turn to decide which machine you will bring home!

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Starbucks does offer K-cup pods that are compatible with Keurig machines. You can find classic favorites like Sumatra, House Blend, Verona, and Veranda. Or, you can try Starbucks flavored coffee options, including Toffeenut, Mocha, Cinnamon Dolce, and Pumpkin Spice.
Keurig machines are compatible with K-cups. Most other brands are not compatible with Keurig machines. The K Slim and K-Mini use regular K-Cup pods. These machines do not accept K-Carafe pods, K-Mug pods, Rivo pods, or Vue pods.
Neither the K-Mini nor the K Slim has a strong brew option. The K-Mini can brew a smaller cup size for a stronger cup of coffee. Only the K-Mini Plus has a strong brew option.
Some Keurig users do use a K-cup twice. However, this is not ideal. If you reuse a Keurig pod, the coffee taste is weaker and contains less caffeine. Many Keurig machines are compatible with reusable K-cups. These reusable pods open the door to a wider variety of coffee options and allow you to cut down on pod waste.
Many college dorm rooms have strict policies when it comes to coffee makers. Most on-campus dorms do not accept coffee makers with hot plates since these can pose a fire hazard. However, most dorm rooms do accept Keurig coffee makers without coffee-warming burners.

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