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The 7 Best Coffee Scales For Making Delicious Coffee At Home


If you want to make delicious coffee that gives you the same refreshing taste time and again, you need the best coffee scale available to make the job easier!

Making your own coffee can be a satisfying and delicious ritual in addition to being a great way to wake up in the morning. Coffee comes in a surprising range of flavors, and true lovers of the beverage know how important the details are in getting a great cup of coffee. 

Precise measurement of your coffee beans and grounds is one of the first things coffee lovers look at to get control over the consistency and flavor of their brew. But to measure precisely, a measuring cup or spoon isn’t going to do the job. Weight is more precise, easier to replicate exactly, and will give a much more consistent result. 

Coffee scales are a fantastic way to improve your coffee-drinking experience and take control of the process. A scale like the Greater Goods Digital Coffee Scale can give you the precision you need without taking up too much space in your kitchen. Or, for bigger batches of coffee, you can always go for a larger multipurpose coffee scale like the OXO Brew Precision Coffee Scale and Timer

Here are some of the best coffee scales you can get, along with a quick buying guide at the end to help you choose the best coffee scale for you.

Our List of the Best Coffee Scales

  1. Our Top Pick: Greater Goods Digital Coffee Scale
  2. Best Rechargeable Scale: TIMEMORE 2022 New Version Digital Espresso Coffee Scale
  3. Best Multipurpose Scale: KitchenTour Coffee Scale with Timer
  4. Best All-In-One Design: OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder with Scale
  5. Best Pour-Over Scale: Hario V60 Drip Coffee Scale and Timer Pour-Over Scale Black
  6. Best for Large Batches: OXO BREW 6 Lb. Precision Coffee Scale with Timer
  7. Best Portable Coffee Scale: MiiCoffee Nano Coffee Scale with Timer

The 7 Best Coffee Scales Reviewed

Our Top Pick

1 Greater Goods Digital Coffee Scale


This design is about as simple and straightforward as it comes when you’re talking about an easy-to-use coffee scale. The scale itself is covered with a textured protective coating that works equally well for any temperature coffee.

That’s important since it means you can precisely weigh both the coffee beans and the brewing water, without having to worry about certain temperatures skewing the results.

An offset display makes it easier to see what you’re doing, even if you’re working with a larger pot, pour-over, or French Press setup.

This scale also offers a high refresh rate to keep you up to date on the weight of your coffee as you pour, which can help prevent adding too much water on accident. That makes this setup suitable for coffee as well as espresso, though Greater Goods also offers a dedicated Espresso scale design that’s even more precise.

Another big advantage of this scale is the option to measure in 6 different units, so you can get the precision you need in the unit you’re most familiar with.

However, there are a couple of downsides. Measurement drift can happen with this scale, so you might see very small changes in the reported weight, even though the weight of your coffee beans or coffee hasn’t changed. If you need a more precise option, we’d recommend switching to one of the espresso scales instead.

The other problem is that the scale is only protected from spills on top. If moisture accidentally gets under the scale, that can cause damage or break it. This can be a problem with most scales, so we didn’t consider it a dealbreaker. However, it’s important to know so you can plan around the problem.



Best Rechargeable Scale

2 TIMEMORE 2022 New Version Digital Espresso Coffee Scale


This coffee scale is designed for coffee and espresso enthusiasts but also doubles as a baking scale thanks to its higher 2 kilo weight limit. If you’re looking for an all-in-one scale, or one that helps with baking, making pasta, and other precise kitchen tasks, this is a good option.

Its mini size, and fast USB-C charging cable make this scale a good option even in the most cramped kitchen. However, the drawback of a smaller size is that it can be harder to read the measurements on this scale if you’re using a larger bowl or coffee pot to make your brew.

The highly accurate TARE function makes it simple to get the net weight of your coffee beans or grounds on this scale, while the reset button makes for a quick save if something goes wrong or you start seeing measurement drift.

This scale also provides heat and spill protection with a silicone pad, but the pad doesn’t cover the entire surface of the scale. Also, spills near any of the cracks where the plastic was put together can seem into the scale and damage the electronics.

The biggest advantage of this scale is that its battery lasts for up to 10 hours of continuous use. For most coffee drinkers, even if you’re making multiple cups a day, that still means you can go weeks or months without having to charge the battery. Automatic shutdown helps preserve battery life as well.

That said, this design definitely isn’t meant to be picked up from the sides and isn’t designed for rough handling. This scale will last best if you can leave it on your countertop full time, rather than taking it in and out of a cabinet or drawer.



Best Multipurpose Scale

3 KitchenTour Coffee Scale with Timer


The KitchenTour coffee scale is another good generalist option, this time supporting weights up to 3kg. That’s great for when you’re hosting large gatherings and want to make a lot of coffee at once, but it also works for baking and other kitchen uses.

An auto-off feature will turn off automatically in 2 minutes, which helps preserve the battery. You can also change the auto-off feature, giving yourself more time before it turns off, or even less to protect the battery.

This scale supports measurements in grams, ounces, and milliliters, so you can use the unit you are most familiar with and the measurement that makes the most sense for what you’re measuring. Grams are generally still the most accurate for coffee beans or coffee grounds, but the milliliter option is a good choice for measuring liquids.

A built-in timer can help give you more precise brewing times, which further improve the taste and quality of your homemade coffee.

We also like that the texture silicone mat protecting the scale is a little grippier than some of the alternatives. You’re less likely to see spills or slipping containers with this design, and its very complete coverage provides better spill protection as well.

Accurate down to a tenth of a gram, this scale does a good job overall. However, some users do report that the batteries wear out pretty quickly on this model, even with the auto-off features. So, if you want to avoid buying a bunch of batteries over time, you might want to choose a rechargeable or plug-in model instead.



Best All-In-One Design

4 OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder with Scale


Coffee lovers are known to go through a relatively complex and in-depth process when it comes to making coffee. But, if you have a busy schedule and need coffee that’s just as good, but a little easier to make, this scale and coffee grinder combination might be a good investment.

In addition to precisely weighing your beans, this machine also provides a precise amount of ground beans ready for consumption.

Simply set your desired weight and the grinder will produce exactly that amount of ground beans for you to use.

You can store up to 16 oz of beans in the grinder, and the grounds chamber holds up to 125 grams, which is the recommended amount for 12 cups of coffee.

In addition to the other benefits, this design also avoids overheating your beans which help preserve the flavor and caffeine content of the coffee. Plus, with 38 grind settings, you can choose the precise texture of your coffee grounds, no matter what kind of coffee or espresso you want to make.

However, for all those benefits, it’s slightly less precise than a traditional scale, and you need to fully empty and clean the grounds container if you want to get the most accuracy from the design.



Best Pour-Over Scale

5 Hario V60 Drip Coffee Scale and Timer Pour-Over Scale Black


This coffee scale is designed specifically for pour-over coffee, and it can handle both the heat and the weight of most pour-over setups well. Designed to handle the most precise coffee-making requirements, and accurate down to .1 of a gram, this scale has been recently updated to improve on the previous design.

Improvements include faster start-up times, anti-slip rubber feet, and better water resistance so the scale is more likely to handle spills.

The 2 AAA batteries are relatively long-lasting in this design, though it does help to use higher quality batteries, or to get rechargeable batteries if you want to save. Rechargeable options also help make this model eco-friendly, though it still doesn’t quite match Lithium-ion rechargeable alternatives.

That said, the 2kg weight limit for your coffee grounds, pour-over setup, and the water for brewing does limit the size of the cup you can use. Pour-over stands that rest on the surrounding counter instead of the scale can give you a little more wiggle room, this design is still best for brewing a single mug of coffee at a time. At most, two.

Lastly, the auto-off feature on this scale helps preserve battery life without interrupting the brewing process. Overall, it’s an effective option, though a little less versatile than other coffee scales.



Best for Large Batches

6 OXO BREW 6 Lb. Precision Coffee Scale with Timer


For people who are looking for large batch compatibility, want to make larger amounts of coffee with precision and care, or who want a larger multi-purpose coffee scale, this is one of the best options. Designed to offer precision measurements in .1 gram increments, starting from .5 gram weight.

That means that this scale can work with a very small amount of coffee, all the way up to larger batches. At the same time, this coffee scale is compact and designed to take up relatively little space on your counter.

The innovative digital readout is also well designed, spaced far enough away from the scale top and at an angle to make it more readable even with a larger container of coffee on top.

With a weight limit a bit over 6.5 pounds, this scale is also useful for most come kitchen uses, including baking, measuring larger ingredients like roasts, or chopped vegetables, making this one of the most versatile coffee scales you can get.

You also get split second read outs of changing weight, which helps further improve precision and make this design even more effective.



Best Portable Coffee Scale

7 MiiCoffee Nano Coffee Scale with Timer


Last but certainly not least is the MiiCoffee Nano Coffee scale. This one is really designed for people who want a coffee scale they can take with them traveling but is a little less practical for home use.

This rechargeable mobile scale is a little smaller than 4×4 inches, with a USB C charger you can easily take on the road.

The silicone pad is highly insulating and helps protect the scale from heat and spills. It’s actually very spill resistant overall and comes with a 1-year warranty to add some confidence in the product.

The built-in timer has modes for both espresso and pour-overs, so it’s good for whatever kind of coffee you want to make.

The LED screen gives a good readout of the current weight. However, the display is built into the scale itself, which means that it can be obscured if you have a larger coffee pot. For a single-serve setup or an espresso cup, it shouldn’t be a problem.



Buying Guide: What Features Make A Great Coffee Scale Stand Out

Best coffee scale

Now that we’ve gone over the best coffee scales, let’s talk a little more about what makes a coffee scale a good option. These are the factors that mattered most when we were testing coffee scales, and also the ones that seem to make the biggest difference to other users. 

Precise Measurements

The most important feature of any scale is how precise it is and how well-designed it is for its intended purpose. 

Grams are the standard measure for coffee and coffee grounds, and the more precision the better for making espresso. .1-gram increments are ideal, though you can make do with .5-gram increments in a pinch. 

Of course, all the measuring in the world won’t make up for bad coffee beans. Here are some of the coffee beans we recommend, especially for black coffee drinkers. 

Fast Measurement Reporting

The faster your scale reports changes in weight, the more precise you can be. A few seconds can make a big difference when you’re adding coffee beans, especially when you’re measuring water for your coffee. 

There’s always going to be a small delay between measuring the weight and reporting, but it should report every second or faster to work well for making coffee. 

Spillproof and Heatproof Design

The need for a spillproof design should be pretty obvious. When you’re making coffee on top of a scale, sooner or later you’re going to spill some water or coffee onto the scale. If your scale isn’t at least water-resistant, that can cause damage fast. 

Spillproof designs work by waterproofing the scale itself, as well as providing protection for the most vulnerable parts of the scale. 

Heatproof might seem a little less important at first. But, with the way heat affects electronics, a scale that doesn’t have heat protection might misreport the weight because of heat affecting the internal electronics. 

Reasonable Minimum and Maximum Weight Limits

When it comes to making the best coffee, you need precision no matter how little coffee you’re making, or how much. 

Most coffee scales start working at about .5 grams, far less than you need for most coffee. They generally max out somewhere between 2-5 kilos, with only a few scales going higher. 

If you have a scale that starts at 1 gram or cuts off the weight limit at less than 1lb, it could cause problems in making your coffee. 

Straightforward UI 

Making coffee is a precise process, but it shouldn’t be a difficult one. We actually took one of these scales out of the running because it offered too many features, and it made the user interface and accompanying app too difficult to use. 

A good coffee scale doesn’t need a ton of features other than the scale itself and an optional timer. Other features need to be simple to use and straightforward. 

As much as possible, users shouldn’t have to think about the UI on a simple kitchen appliance like a coffee scale. 

Reasonable Scale Size

Size is also an important factor when it comes to coffee scales. The scale itself should be at least a few inches square to work effectively, but not so large that it takes up too much counterspace. Larger scales can also run into issues where the scale isn’t fully level, which causes its own measurement issues. 

Our Verdict

Overall, while there are a lot of strong coffee scale options we’ve reviewed, the Greater Goods Coffee Scale does the best job of balancing the features and requirements of a great coffee scale, while still offering a highly usable and effective design! 

Good for coffee and espresso both, precise enough for even the pickiest connoisseur, and large enough to work with a larger setup, small enough to store easily, this scale works well.


Yes and no. Some of the more expensive scales offer faster response times, or app integration that lets you be more mobile. For the most part though, if you’re able to stand next to your scale while you measure, mid-range coffee scales work just as well.

You can, assuming your kitchen scale has very precise weight measurements. A lot of modern kitchen scales aren’t designed for weighing things like spices, which makes them less practical for coffee since you need part of a gram measurement to make great coffee.

But, some kitchen scales will work. If you have a scale, check and see if it has a gram mode, and try adding 1 coffee bean at a time to test if your scale is precise enough to measure coffee. (every 1-2 beans should change the weight slightly).

Baristas weigh coffee because it’s the best way to get an incredibly precise and similar measurement over time. Baristas want to be able to make 100 cups of coffee and have them all taste exactly the same, and getting a precise enough measurement of the coffee to make that happen.

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