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The 7 Best AeroPress Accessories to Elevate Your Coffee-Making Experience


We have sourced the internet for the best AeroPress accessories and found the 7 that will take your coffee brewing skills to the next level. The best of which is the Fellow “Prismo” Espresso-Style Attachment

It may not be the most elegant or stylish coffee brewer on the market, but what the AeroPress lacks in style, it more than makes up for in versatility and portability. Whether you want to make your perfect cup of hot coffee or brew your batch of cold brew, AeroPress allows you to do it from anywhere. 

You can even make espresso-style coffee perfect for making lattes to enjoy at home with delicious coffee cake!

With or without accessories, AeroPress makes incredible coffee. However, with any of these 7 AeroPress accessories, you can customize your brewing experience to fit your lifestyle and needs perfectly.

Our List of the Best AeroPress Accessories

  1. Our Top PickFellow “Prismo” Espresso-Style Attachment 
  2. Best For New UsersAble DISK Metal Filter
  3. Best For Cold BrewPUCKPUCK Cold-Brew Coffee Attachment 
  4. Best For TravelingFellow 12oz Carter Everywhere Travel Mug
  5. Best For Home BrewingHexnub Compact Organizer
  6. Best For Fresh FlavorTIMEMORE Chestnut C2 MAX Manual Coffee Grinder 
  7. Best For Multiple Cups2POUR The Dual Press Accessories 

The 7 Best AeroPress Accessories Reviewed

Our Top Pick

1 Fellow “Prismo” Espresso-Style Attachment

  • Affects the brewing method
  • Allows you to have more control over your brew

If you want to make espresso-style drinks at home but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a home espresso machine, you need this AeroPress accessory. This simple attachment allows you to make espresso-style coffee using your AeroPress.

It includes a pressure-activated valve and a reusable fine-mesh stainless steel filter. The valve allows pressure to build up, creating a consistency similar to espresso.

The valve also creates a solid seal to eliminate unwanted dripping or leaking while you do your standard brew. You’ll be able to get the full-body flavor you want without using the inverted brewing method.

What users say: They love that you can get the great flavor and control that comes from the inverted method without knocking over the AeroPress and spilling it everywhere. They say it makes coffee that is more decadent tasting and all-around better than coffee made using any other filter.

Best For New Users

2 Able DISK Metal Filter

  • Affects the brewing method
  • Changes the flavor of your brew

For those of you looking to add some depth and body to your coffee, switching to a metal filter is the way to do it. Unlike paper filters, this metal filter allows oils to pass through for a richer cup of coffee. You’ll also end up saving a little money in the long run since it’s reusable.

What users say: Users rave about its durability and ease of use. They note the richer coffee it makes and how nice it is not to buy new paper filters constantly. Some pointed out that cleaning it after every use was a little annoying, while others commented that the extra few seconds didn’t bother them.

Best For Cold Brew

3 PUCKPUCK Cold-Brew Coffee Attachment

  • Affects the brewing method
  • Allows you to make a cold brew on the go

This nifty attachment allows you to brew a batch of cold brew with your AeroPress. It comes with a lid, water vessel, puckpuck, and splash filter. The puckpuck allows for a slow drip brewing process that is perfect for making drip cold brew conveniently.

What users say: Even though there is a slight learning curve, once you get the hang of it, the puckpuck makes delicious drip cold brew. They recommend using medium-ground coffee rather than coarsely-ground coffee like you would with traditional cold brew.

Best For Traveling

4 Fellow 12oz Carter Everywhere Travel Mug 

  • Affects the brewing process
  • Designed for brewing on the go

If you like to brew on the road, you need a mug. It has double-insulated stainless steel walls that protect the temperature of your coffee. Meanwhile, the ceramic internal coating protects its taste.

The Carter Everywhere Travel Mug is perfectly designed for brewing on the go. Its wide opening allows you to brew straight into the cup, and its quick twist locking lid creates a leak-proof seal. You can brew at the campsite, then through your cup in your bag and hit the trails worry-free.

What users say: Users rave about its tight seal, wide opening, and durability. They love that it fits the AeroPress perfectly, and many like to keep it in their travel coffee kit. The only complaints are that it is a bit bulky, making it difficult to hold and that the lip isn’t coated, which can create a metallic taste.

Best For Home Brewing

5 Hexnub Compact Organizer 

  • Affects the brewing process
  • Perfect storage

This stand is perfect for a beautiful way to keep your coffee station clean and organized. This stand is made of natural bamboo and designed to store your AeroPress and all its components perfectly. Complete with silicone drip mats on the top and inside the main compartment.

What users say: According to users, it is the perfect organizer for AeroPress lovers and can help you keep your sanity. They love that it is sturdy and allows you to keep everything in its place. You will no longer lose essential parts or annoy your partners with cluttered countertops!

Best For Fresh Flavor

6 TIMEMORE Chestnut C2 MAX Manual Coffee Grinder 

  • Affects the brewing method
  • Compatible grinder

Many people gravitate towards using an AeroPress because it is compact and easy to take when traveling. With this handy manual grinder, you can optimize your coffee experience on the road.

You no longer need to grind your beans in advance.

This premium grinder fits inside your AeroPress, making it easy to pack. It has adjustable coarseness, 30g capacity, and a CNC Stainless steel conical burr for consistent grinding.

What users say: According to users, this grinder is high-quality and easy to use. The metal burrs make the grinding process fast and super easy. They love how smooth and sturdy the machine feels and find it difficult to believe that such a high-quality machine is sold at a reasonable price. The only complaint is that cleaning can be challenging, but all grinders are difficult to clean, so that isn’t a surprise.

Best For Multiple Cups

7 TIMEMORE Chestnut C2 MAX Manual Coffee Grinder 

  • Affects the brewing process
  • Perfect for couples

One of the only downsides to using an AeroPress is its small capacity. It’s not easy to brew multiple cups at the same time. That’s where the 2POUR Duel Press accessory comes in.

The Dual Press lets you make two cups of 8oz coffee from one brew. Place the device under your AeroPress instead of a cup and position a cup under each spout. Nothing changes in your routine other than the setup.

What users say: Users appreciate that it’s sturdy and easy to use. They recommend placing it on a riser to ensure your cup fits under each spout and making sure it’s level so that your coffee pours out evenly.

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best AeroPress Accessories for You?

Best AeroPress Accessories

Choosing the best AeroPress accessories is pretty simple. Ask yourself these simple questions: 

How would you like to use your AeroPress?

Why did you buy an AeroPress? Do you plan to use it daily, or do you want to take it with you when you travel? AeroPress brewers are incredibly versatile, so it’s essential to identify how you plan to use yours before you start buying accessories. 

What is the problem you are trying to solve?

It could be a need for proper storage at home. Or you might want to reduce leakage while you brew. You might use your AeroPress to brew when you travel, but you need a good mug or grinder to go with you. 

Do you need to change the brewing method or the brewing process?

Ones that affect the brewing method, in essence, change up the flavor of your coffee. These would be accessories like filters or grinders that allow you to tailor your coffee to match your preferences. 

The ones that affect the brewing process are more external. Accessories like mugs, organizers, or milk frothers change how you use your AeroPress but don’t necessarily change the flavor. 

What is your budget?

You need to know how much you are willing and able to spend before buying anything. It’s the wise thing to do.

The Final Verdict

All of the accessories on our list have the potential to be extremely helpful, but our favorite is still the Fellow “Prismo” Espresso-Style Attachment. Not only is it a quality attachment, but it has duel-purposes. 

First, it eliminates the leakage problem, allowing you more control over your brew without risking hot water spilling all over you. Second, it will enable you to make espresso-style drinks without paying hundreds for an espresso machine. 

Even if that’s different from what you are ultimately looking for, we are confident you will find the perfect accessory. The ideal accessory will fit your needs and help you make the most of your AeroPress brewer. 


Of course, you can use your AeroPress at home. They are extremely popular amongst travelers because of their lightweight and compact design that allows you to use them anywhere. That includes your home. 

Metal filters are reusable and produce a different flavor profile than traditional paper filters. That doesn’t necessarily make them better, just different. 

Paper is the way to go if you like light coffee with fewer oils or particles. Metal is the way to go if you want full-bodied coffee with more oil and texture.

During the steeping process, water tends to leak through the filter. It’s not a lot, but this leaking can water down your coffee. The Inverted Method is a brewing technique that reduces unwanted dripping. 

Rather than inserting the plunger into the brew chamber filter down, you reverse it and have the plunger face upward. You will want to make sure you have a cap on the other end, of course. Then, once your coffee is steeping, flip it over and filter out your grounds as you normally would. 

The process works but is unstable and prone to tipping over, making a hot mess (literally).

AeroPress brewers don’t make actual espresso, but they can make something pretty similar. All you need is a metal filter, finely ground coffee (around 178 microns), and the ability to steep without leaks. 

AeroPress recommends the following recipe:

  • 19 grams (a rounded scoop) of coffee grounds on the coarse side of the espresso
  • 60 grams (2 ounces) of hot water
  • Stir for 15 seconds

Honestly, no, you don’t need accessories for your AeroPress. However, one of the perks of using an AeroPress is its versatility through the use of accessories. So if you are happy using your brewer as it is, then great. If you want to play with its versatility, then get some accessories. 

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